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Sorry for my english :s

I have a problem when I want to UPDATE my data.

To GET and DELETE it's OK but I don't understand why I have an error 405 (Method not allowed). The Id of my data is not passed to my URL and my server returns me error 405 while it's the same code as DELETE. To Delete, the id is passed to the url.

I would like to understand how I can do CRUD between Angular and Restful API ! The data of my FoRM don't seem to be send to my API. How can I send the data ? How can I do my form ?

Thanks a lot !!


var cookBookServices = angular.module('cookBookServices', ['ngResource']);

cookBookServices.factory('Recipe', ['$resource',
    return $resource('web/app_dev.php/recipes/:recipeId', {}, {
        query: { method:'GET', params:{recipeId:''}, isArray:true},
        remove: { method:'DELETE', params:{recipeId:''}},
        update: { method:'PUT', params:{recipeId:''}},


var cookBookControllers = angular.module('cookBookControllers', []);

cookBookControllers.controller('RecipeListCtrl', ['$scope', 'Recipe',
  function($scope, Recipe) {
    $scope.recipes = Recipe.query();

cookBookControllers.controller('RecipeDetailCtrl', ['$scope', '$routeParams', 'Recipe', '$location',
  function($scope, $routeParams, Recipe, $location) {

    $scope.deleteRecipe = function (Id) {
            Recipe.remove({recipeId: Id });

    $scope.updateRecipe = function (Id) {
            Recipe.update({recipeId: Id});

    $scope.recipe = Recipe.get({recipeId: $routeParams.recipeId});


<form novalidate="novalidate"  class="form-horizontal" method="PUT">
    <input type="text" name="recipe[detail]" ng-model="recipe.detail"/>
    <input type="submit" ng-click="updateRecipe(recipe.id)" />
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what kind of server do you have? IIS, node, apache? It seems that the verb usded (PUT) is not allowed –  Boklucius Mar 5 at 22:05
Echoing @Boklucius, the issue is with the HTTP method used and/or the URL you are connecting to. Chrome Developer Tools and Firebug will let you see the request and response from the server. Have a look at that and see if the URL and HTTP method and headers/payload are what you expect. –  spikeheap Mar 5 at 22:25
Tell me the URl you are calling while GET and DELETE, also 405 is obvious response when a particular URL is valid, but method is not –  Vineet Singla Mar 5 at 22:37
My API works when I called with POSTMAN. The method is PUT but there is nothing in header/payload. When I add an id in my code, the issue is not 405, good news, but my form isn't valid and in header/payload there is only my id (manual), not my data to the form... I think I have a problem with my code angular or my form but which is ? –  HiBigBob Mar 6 at 20:16

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