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I wrote the following code that basically go through each explorer window and gets its view. What I would like to do next is to inject a new panel into the view by calling CreateViewWindow. Can I do it? If so, how can I call CreateViewWindow?


object oShellBrowser;
serviceProvider.QueryService(ExplorerGUIDs.IID_IShellBrowser, ExplorerGUIDs.IID_IUnknown, out oShellBrowser);
IShellBrowser shellBrowser = oShellBrowser as IShellBrowser;
IShellView shellView = null;

if (0 == shellBrowser.QueryActiveShellView(out shellView))
    IFolderView folderView = shellView as IFolderView;
    FOLDERVIEWMODE currentMode = 0;
    folderView.GetCurrentViewMode(ref currentMode);
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