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I've made an excel document from MS2013 (xlsx) that computes all numbers above it, because i want it to dynamically compute and adjust its own formula as i add more rows above it. But when i import this on google spreadsheets, the formula doesn't work anymore. here is the sample and formula

  A  B  C  D
1 3  3  2  2
2 4  3  4  5
3 5  6  4  3
5 12 12 10 10

the formula for A5 is =SUM(A1:OFFSET(A5,-1,0)) when i add 1 more row above A5 the formula adjusts accordingly to the formula's current position. What's the correct formula for google spreadsheet?

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found answer here stackoverflow.com/questions/18962953/… –  NewBorn Mar 6 '14 at 0:27

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I propose you this formula (it's certainly not the better solution, nevertheless it's a solution):

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You can use this in your example:


If you start adding extra rows, then they will be automatically accounted for.

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