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I'm using the latest version of NVD3, along with the recommended version of D3 from the NVD3 Github. I've noticed that on the discreetBar, multiBar and pieCharts, if not others, the No Data labels are not exactly centered. They are pushed off to the right a little bit.

I've been playing around in the code a little bit, but still haven't found a working fix.

The code that controls the positioning as found in multiBarChart.js

if (!data || !data.length || !data.filter(function(d) { return d.values.length }).length) {
    var noDataText = container.selectAll('.nv-noData').data([noData]);

      .attr('class', 'nvd3 nv-noData')
      .attr('dy', '-.7em')
      .style('text-anchor', 'middle');

      .attr('x', margin.left + availableWidth / 2)
      .attr('y', margin.top + availableHeight / 2)
      .text(function(d) { return d });

    return chart;
} else {

Update A workaround that seems to be working for all the charts I am using is to have a matching rmargin right. By default, some of the charts have a left and bottom padding of 100. Adding a right: 100 will leave the noData messages (much closer to) dead centre.

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The code is still leaving room for the top and left margins, and centering the message in the remaining space. You could add in a statement to select "text.nv-noData" and reposition it if it exists, but you'd need custom code to figure out the width and height yourself. It would be easier to just change the source code! You could create an issue on the NVD3 github suggesting they change it. Since they don't draw the axes and legends when there is no data, there's really no need to leave space for them! –  AmeliaBR Mar 6 at 1:52
Exactly. I've tried some variations of using only availableWidth /2 and controlWidth() / 2 but with no luck. One alternative I've come up with is to remove the noData text all together, and to just use a div of my own so I have full control over it. Good idea about submitting an issue. –  sean.boyer Mar 6 at 15:45

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