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Is the quoted question below is possible in sharepoint, if yes, please suggest some solution too. I will be grateful.

"Can we let a group of users to make their own site collections, and then to make them the owners of their own site collections. Mind you, other users in a group should not be able to access each others site collections. Unless, they are given permission by the sitecollection owner."

Thank you.

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To do this for sites (not site collections)

  • create a custom group with the create site permissions
  • Add the users to the group
  • when they create a site, they will be the owner of the site and can assign permissions to that site (only if they check the "Use Unique Permissions") when creating the site collection.

I am pretty sure you can do the same for site collections, however you would do that through central admin rather than the top level site itself.

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Hi, I have another question please. Is it possible to customize the page to enable the "use Unique permission" radio button checked and disable it? – dexter Feb 8 '10 at 14:39

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