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Many times I have a "parent" table, like invoice, purchase order, billofmaterials, with some general information (name, date, owner, etc) and then many lines, like invoice_lines, purchase_order_lines, etc, with the id of the invoice, purchase, etc.

Usually I display all of them in some kind of header with the general information, and then a table with lines

I usually think like "document", but it is not a document, it could be anythings with detail lines, and I cannot find a proper name.

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You probably are referring to Master (or Header) / Detail. Wherein the Parent is the Master (or Header) and the child is the Detail as shown below:

enter image description here

The Order from the Customer above is the Parent or Master while the individual Items ordered (or as you termed it as Lines) are the Details.

So, in your case Invoice is the Master and Invoice_lines is the Detail etc.

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