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I am building a WPF 4.5 Application that has controls that enable the User to "Lock" and "Unlock" the Application's Height.

In order to lock the Height, I am following this StackOverflow answer regarding setting the MinHeight and MaxHeight to the same value.

In order to unlock the Height, I set MinHeight=0 and MaxHeight=double.PositiveInfinity

This all appears to be working fine.

The problem I'm encountering that I haven't been able to solve is that when the height is "Locked", when I mouseover the right edge of the Application Window, the cursor turns into the horizontal resize cursor.

Is there a way I can disable that so that the cursor stays as the regular pointer in WPF?

I am on WPF 4.5.

I saw this post that has answers showing how to do it in Win32: WPF: Make window unresizeable, but keep the frame?.

This post is over 3 years old, and I was just wondering (hoping) maybe WPF has evolved since then.

Thank you very much in advance!


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Is your App launching a Window at startup? – Ty Morrow Mar 6 '14 at 23:43
@TheRedLou Yes. My App.xaml specifies StartupUri="MainWindow.xaml", which is a Window. – Philip Tenn Mar 7 '14 at 4:56
Did my answer help? – Ty Morrow Apr 19 '14 at 19:59
@TheRedLou Well, it was good information but it did not solve my problem. The reason is I can't set it to NoResize. I am not disabling resizing altogether, I just want to disable either horizontal resize or vertical resize (but not both). Thank you though, I did upvote your answer. – Philip Tenn Apr 19 '14 at 23:53

On your startup Window (MainWindow.xaml), try making a binding for the Window's ResizeMode property and then modifying it to 'NoResize' when you don't want it to be resizable. To make it resizable, change it to 'CanResize'.

Hope that helps!

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