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I've got 2 problems.

  1. How can I make a loop that will keep getting input from user unless he enters a specific input — in my case it's exit.

  2. I need to write the timestamp of the input in a file but I am not that familiar with C.

I need something to loop like this

        if (strcmp(userInput, quit) == 0 ) {
        } else {
            printf("IS IT IN?!");
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Here's a function you can use to print the current time in the format "HH:MM:SS AM/PM".

void printCurrentTime()
   time_t rawtime;
   struct tm* timeinfo;
   char buffer[100];

   time (&rawtime);
   timeinfo = localtime (&rawtime);

   strftime (buffer, 100, "%I:%M:%S %p", timeinfo);
   printf("Current time: %s.\n", buffer);

The looping can be accomplished using:

while (1)
    if ( NULL == fgets (useInput, maximumLineLength, stdin))
    if ( strcmp(useInput, quit) == 0 )
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The %I and %p formats should only be used under duress; they make parsing the output data unnecessarily hard. Don't forget, 12:15 A.M. comes long before 11:15 A.M. Use 24-hour clock notation, not 12-hour (so %H:%M:%S). –  Jonathan Leffler Mar 17 '14 at 4:38

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