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We have created a gem for internal use only which is not hosted on any server. It is distributed to teams as a gem file, who then add it to their "vendor/cache" folder, and use Bundler to add it as a dependency.

The gemspec file in the gem project stipulates the require dependencies for our internal gem, but is not downloading them when "Bundle install" is used. I assume this is because the list of dependencies is extracted from a call to the rubygems server rather than extracting from the Gem file itself?? If the dependencies are already in vendor/cache then all is fine.

Is there any way of instructing gem/bundler to get the list of dependencies from the gem itself rather than a server?

Is our only solution to create an internal Gem server?

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bundle install looks for dependencies in a Gemfile and ignores the .gemspec.

According to Rails Engine documentation:

"Declare your gem's dependencies in clinkle_shared.gemspec. Bundler will treat runtime dependencies like base dependencies, and development dependencies will be added by default to the :development group.

Declare any dependencies that are still in development in a Gemfile instead of in your .gemspec. These might include edge Rails or gems from your path or Git. Remember to move these dependencies to your .gemspec before releasing your gem to rubygems.org."

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Thanks, I shall try this. –  Robbie Wareham Apr 11 '14 at 18:52

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