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i have two user schemas. Let's Say A & B. A has a procedure written in it SAY 'XProc'.

B has a package which has Procedure say 'B_Pack_Proc', which creates a dynamic view in B user schema.

The B_pack_proc creates view in B schema itself.

but i am executing the B_Pack_Pro from A, i am getting error insufficient privileges.

I am using oracle forms 11g and oracle DB 11g.

i have granted explicit grants to User A from User B i.e Create any view Execute on view. execute on package_name

please help.

- Prathamesh

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This might be an issue with invoker's rights vs. definer's rights.

If the package B.Some_Package.B_Pack_Proc is created with authid current_user, then it will only work if A has been granted select on B.dynamic_view. If the package is created with authid definer, the default, then B.Some_Package.B_Pack_Proc should have privilege on any object owned by B and you only need to grant execute on that package to A.

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