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Good day! I would like to ask if what is wrong with my code? it always say that: Column 'ProfID' does not belong to table tbl. I want to get a data from the ms access database table and convert it to a string. Thanks in advance for your help.

   Dim adapt As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT COUNT(ProfID) FROM test", cnn)
   Dim ds1 As New DataSet

   adapt.Fill(ds1, "tbl")
   Dim testThis As String

   If adapt.Fill(ds1, "tbl") > 0 Then
   testThis = ds1.Tables("tbl").Rows(0).Item("ProfID").ToString
   End If
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did you ever resolve your issue? –  taki Martillo Sep 5 at 22:23

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