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I'm using UIPanGestureRecognizer to pan my contentView on a UICollectionViewCell. I'm implementing a swipe gesture, from both sides. I'm using a pan because I want to be able to bounce (animate) the view back to its origin.

The UICollectionView is a single section with rows where each row is a single item cell (think table).

The issue is as I scroll down my UICollectionView, I inadvertently cause my cells to move given the ever so little drag translation that happens. I've tried implementing UIScrollViewDelegate methods to try to prevent cells from inadvertently moving during scroll, but even the 'touching of the cell' edge case still fires causing the cell to pan slightly. It feels wrong because as you scroll and your thumb touches the cell, you see a number of cells pan around.

Are there any good ideas on how to prevent this sensitivity while scrolling? For example, the default Apple Mail.app doesn't seem to have this problem as you scroll; there seems to be some kind of resistance built in.

A few ideas:

  • apply some resistance function for some beginning k width on the x axis. Try to do this for velocity as well
  • if the velocity is not enough to get the view over the resistance "hump".
  • Try to use a UIScrollView instead of pan gesture recognizer, but then I need to somehow support swiping on the other side as well.
  • Should I think of using UIKit Dynamics for this?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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