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I don't know a lot about cmake, I'm trying to build a client using cmake and Qt. Getting the following error:

CMake Error at alethzero/CMakeLists.txt:26 (find_package): By not providing "FindQt5Widgets.cmake" in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH this project
has asked CMake to find a package configuration file provided by
"Qt5Widgets", but CMake did not find one.

Could not find a package configuration file provided by "Qt5Widgets" with any of the following names:


Add the installation prefix of "Qt5Widgets" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set "Qt5Widgets_DIR" to a directory containing one of the above files. If "Qt5Widgets" provides a separate development package or SDK, be sure it has been installed.

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

As far as I understand, I need to add the Qt path to Cmake. How do I do it? I have Qt installed in /home/user/Programs. All the explanations I find are "just do this or that". I need the exact Terminal commands so I can just learn how to do it in the future.


UPD: export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/user/Programs does not help.

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This is documented:


The easiest way to use CMake is to set the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH 
environment variable to the install prefix of Qt 5

Do this

export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/user/Programs/<other_stuff>

where references the compiler etc, so that this complete path is valid:

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Thank you! I have done that before and I'm still getting the same result. Maybe I should re-install QT from source. (I installed it with their .run package). –  user3386675 Mar 6 at 21:20
Sorry, I edited the post to give a correct answer. You don't need to compile Qt from source. –  steveire Mar 6 at 22:50

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