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The sometext field just accepts ASCII characters as input now:

    title: "test"


view [
   sometext: field
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    title: "chinese font rendering test (Windows)"
    author: "Richard Smolak"
print ""
fnt: make system/standard/font [
    name: "Tahoma"
    size: 64

ch-fnt: make system/standard/font [
    name: "SimSun"
    size: 64

par: make system/standard/para [wrap?: off]

win-size: 840x300

append append
win: make gob! [size: win-size]
make gob! [size: win-size color: sky]
tg: make gob! [size: win-size]

tg/text: to-text compose [
    anti-alias on
    para par
    font fnt
    "Příliš žluťoučký kůň"
    font ch-fnt
] copy []

view/options win [
    title: "Basic TEXT test"
    offset: 'center

is an example from one of the r3Gui authors of rendering other languages.

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thanks for indenting it for me :) – Graham Chiu Mar 19 '14 at 23:43
thanks a lot, :) – abbypan Mar 31 '14 at 15:12

You can create a new field type with a chinese font like this which will now display the characters.

stylize [
        ch-field: field [
                about: "Chinese font field"
                draw-text: [
                   pen off
                   fill-pen 0.0.0
                   anti-alias off
                   text 0x0 none aliased [font make object! [
                           name: "SimSun"
                           style: 'bold
                           size: 20
                           color: 0.0.0
                           offset: 0x0
                           space: 0x0
                           shadow: none
                       ] para make object! [
                           origin: 0x0
                           margin: 0x0
                           indent: 0x0
                           tabs: 40
                           wrap?: false
                           scroll: 0x0
                           align: 'left
                           valign: 'top
                       ] anti-alias off
                       caret make object! [
                           caret: [[""] ""]
                           highlight-start: [[""] ""]
                           highlight-end: [[""] ""]
                       ] ""

view [
    ch-field "這是一份非常間單的說明書…"

Due to an issue with the clipboard you can't paste chinese text into the field. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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