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Is there anyone here who might be familiar with web services in the yii framework?

I declared the following test method:

  * Send a single SMS message
  * @param string $username Username
  * @param string $password Password
  * @param string $identifier Valid Identifier to use
  * @param string $mobileNumber Mobile Number to send message to
  * @param string $message Message to send
  * @return string 'OK' on success, error message on failure
  * @soap
 public function singleSms($username, $password, $identifier,$mobileNumber, $message){
  return "username=$username, pwd=$password, source=$identifier, mobno=$mobileNumber, msg=$message";

But when I try to call this method I get the following response:

− − WSDL − SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from 'http://sms.chillnethosting.co.za/index.php?r=sms/webservice' : Start tag expected, '<' not found

The WSDL generates when I call my URL: Web Service URL

Any Ideas?

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Please provide a complete PoC. It seems your caller accesses SmsController::actionWebservice(), but I can't see any such class/method in your code. Beside that, your documentation is wrong regarding the return value, which makes me think you're really confused... –  Flavius Feb 12 '10 at 21:42

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Have you declared your web service action?


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I managed to figure out what the problem was. It seems that the WSDL was cached in my browser. The error I received was due to a typo I made earlier, but the browser cached it.

Thanks for all the replies.

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Another example of Yii web service -


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