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How to check if irq is already free before using free_irq() api in Linux? In my code, the function in which i am using free_irq() api is getting called so many times and as irq is getting free in first call, in subsequent call kernel is crashing while trying to free already free irq.

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So you can put a condition above the free_irq so that it just gets called once. Like :

Initialize #define FREE_IRQ true

if(FREE_IRQ == true) { free_irq(); FREE_IRQ = false; }

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This can work, but i am looking if any api is available in linux to check it. –  jags gediya Mar 6 at 11:19
I surfed through the kernel source code but could not find such function. But even though if there is such function existing, it would not be wise to call it repeatedly to check whether it got freed already. Now such function can be implemented before request_irq to check for its availibility so that it can be requested if it is available. –  sumeet_Jain Mar 6 at 11:54

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