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Does anyone know the best way to get the Jquery Validation plugin to run when submitting a form that has been loaded dynamically into a Jquery Colorbox modal window?

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Add the validation set up to the colorbox callback. That way the color box has been loaded and the form exists before you attempt to set up validation for it.

 $('selector').colorbox({...options...}, function() {
     $('form',this).validate( {...options...} );
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I was sure I'd tried that as my first port of call, must of had something wrong somewhere. All working now, thanks. – Damien Majer Feb 8 '10 at 15:28

I was playing around with this and found a better solution (at least for myself).

     {options, onComplete:function(){$('selector').validate({}

Visually I can see when the lightbox is finished loading, it'll attach this function to the lightbox. It's the same as what tvanfosson posted, but I like mine for readability purposes.

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