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Prob quite simple JQuery thing but I am looking to do something like this:

<li>menu item1</li>
<li>menu item2</li>

Which on hover display images from another UL LIlist e.g.

<li>image 1</li>
<li>Image 2</li>

Any suggestions please -= thanks

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Do you want to write hover for each li or for the ul? –  rahul Feb 8 '10 at 13:04

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You can use the index (1.4) method to determine which li was hovered. Then make the images visible. This is just a start and will require some CSS etc to make it look good.

   $("otherUl li").hide(); //hide all images to start
   $("#myUL li").hover(function(){
         i = $(this).index(); //gets the current index 0 based
         $("#otherUL li:nth-child(i+1)").show();//gets the index of the image element 1 based
   , function(){
         $("#otherUL li").hide(); //hide all on mouse out
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You need something like This but lil bit modified :)

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