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I want to convert a given number according to international number system. // For example:

345678 -> 345,678
12 -> 12 
123 -> 123
4590 -> 4,590

Here is the code snippet and IdeOne link

public static void main (String[] args) throws java.lang.Exception
    int number = 345678;
    String s = Integer.toString(number);
    s = putCommas(s);

private String putCommas(String s) {
    // How to put commas in string after every 3rd character from right ?

Here is my approach with which I am not comfortable.

  1. Start traversing string from right
  2. If the (length - currentIndex -1) % 3 == 0 insert comma in the string

Any suggestions ?

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You can use NumberFormat with Locale#US:


Or DecimalFormat:

DecimalFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("#,###");
String newNumber = formatter.format(number);
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Thanks..I didn't know about Formatter class. Decimal example helped a lot..Thanks man –  blunderboy Mar 6 at 7:16
Your'e welcome :) I'm glad it helped. –  Maroun Maroun Mar 6 at 7:17

Use the NumberFormat class


You can pass it in a Locale and then format the number as required


System.out.println (NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(Locale.US).format(1234567L));
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You can use simply NumberFormat class .

NumberFormat numberFormat = NumberFormat.getInstance();
//allows to have number seperated by comma

String formattedNr = numberFormat.format(12345678L);
System.out.println("12345678L number formatted to " + formattedNr);


12345678L number formatted to 12,345,678.00

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