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I am getting ConfigurationError('Unknown predicate values: %r' % (kw,)) while rendering mako template. Below is the structure of my pyramid project.

My pyramid project tree.

|-- web
|-- myweb
    |-- templates
        |-- index.mak
    |-- __init__.py
    |-- views.py
|-- development.ini
|-- production.ini


class Main(object):
def __init__(self, request):
    self.request = request
def __call__(self):
    return {}


config.add_route('main', '/',

This where i am getting error such as

 raise ConfigurationError('Unknown predicate values: %r' % (kw,))
 pyramid.exceptions.ConfigurationExecutionError: <class   pyramid.exceptions.ConfigurationError'>: Unknown predicate values: {'renderer': 'index.mako', 'view': 'myweb.views.Main'}
  in: Line 33 of file /home/user/project/web/myweb/__init__.py:

Here are my .ini files


mako.directories = web:myweb:templates


mako.directories = web:myweb:templates

I don't know what i am missing and cause of this error.

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To state the obvious, __init__.py refers to the template "index.mako" whereas the file is called "index.mak".

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