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I make the ApiDemos project from Android Sample Project. Unfortunately, the project complains invalid resource directory name transition /ApiDemos/res line 1 Android AAPT Problem.

My Eclipse is Version: Juno Service Release 2 and JDK 7. The ADT plugin is V22.6.0. What's wrong with it?

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Yes, transition resources are valid as of API 19.

To get rid of the error, make your build SDK API level 19 or higher.

To do that, in Eclipse/ADT, either

  • open Project Properties, go to Android and select Project Build Target as API 19, or

  • edit at project root and edit target to e.g. android-19

Of course, you will have to have SDK 19 installed with SDK Manager and have up-to-date build tools installed.

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Thanks @laalto. I installed build SDK Platform-tools level 19, also chose the android-19(Android4.2.2), but the error exists still. – CodeDiving Mar 6 '14 at 8:39
Sorry @laalto. I make mistake Platform-tools with Build-tools. Now I update the build tools to level 19.0.3 and the problem is solved. Thanks for your answers again. – CodeDiving Mar 6 '14 at 8:43

In case another bonehead like me comes here: I didn't have version 19 of the API installed :P

Open up your SDK manager and download any necessary version. I just had the latest version installed (22?).

Also, this was for Xamarin for me. But it could be the case for others, too.

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