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Hi am using gtk3 and glade 3.14...I want to add a custom widget to glade so that i can add that to my user interface easily.

I found knob widget is missing in glade and i found knob widget in


I downloaded and installed instrumentation widgets but it wont get added to Glade.

Is a knob widget available in glade.

I tried using the knob.c and knob.h file and tried example and got some examples working but couldn't integrate them to gade.

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What you need is a glade catalog file which describes your widgets properties, the catalog name and a few other things. You may also have to add an additional catalog path under Edit > Preferences in the dialog section where it says Extra Catalog Paths if the catalog resides outside of the default lookup paths.

For details on how to create a catalog, read the catalogintro.

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It's not clear how can i add my custom widhet to glade –  ganeshredcobra Mar 6 at 10:12
You need to write a catalog file yourself, that is the requirement - without it won't show up. –  drahnr Mar 6 at 10:14
From where can get glade-catalog.dtd in the final commands –  ganeshredcobra Mar 6 at 10:37
You "don't get it" you write it yourself if the project does not provide it. –  drahnr Mar 6 at 10:58
of the widget so glade can display them properly and map it back to xml which will be used to create widgets with GtkBuilder. This and much more is explained in the catalogintro which I linked to in the answer. So go forth and RTM. –  drahnr Mar 6 at 12:44

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