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I am getting the issue while using global shortcuts in Internet Explorer.

When I pressed Ctrl+f in the browser, it should open browser’s find, but instead of that it opens JAWS find dialog.

How can I disable JAWS 'find' dialog on press of Ctrl+f?

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If you absolutely need to do this (I don't know what for, though), you can press Insert+3 to pass the keystroke through to the application one time.
If you need to disable JAWS find permanently:

  1. While in Internet Explorer, press Insert+8 to go to the JAWS Keyboard manager.
  2. You'll land in the list of applications. Press Tab to go to the list of scripts.
  3. Locate IEFind which is the script name for Ctrl+F.
  4. Press Del to remove the keystroke.
  5. Confirm the removal, save your changes and exit Keyboard manager.
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Thanks for the Answer Menelion. It really works for me. The reason why i need it because in my application in IE only when i was pressing Ctrl+F,it opens JAWS find dialog so i was not able to go to application search box. I was surprised because that occurs only in IE browser. –  Anurag Ratna Mar 6 at 15:38

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