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I'm very new to Groovy. I have a class where I'm adding methods using metaClass. Here is the code I have for Parser.groovy:

PrivateClass.metaClass.convertDDTToMap { obj,fileLocation ->


where PrivateClass is a class coming from a jar. Now in other file named Hack.groovy I have the following code:

class Hack extends PrivateClass
//.. code

when I run Hack.groovy, I get the exception that the method convertDDTToMap is not there.

However Parser.groovy is in the same classpath and it gets compiled. But its not adding the method.

Where I'm making the mistake?

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What version are you using? When does Parser.groovy gets called? I made a gist using inheritance which works fine – Will P Mar 6 '14 at 10:01
groovy-2.2.0. Parser.groovy is in ant compilation path. And also the Hack.groovy. Both are under src directory – sriram Mar 6 '14 at 10:19
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Parser.groovy being compiled only is doing nothing, the code there needs to be called. For example using new Parser().run()

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