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I have updated to Adt r.22 and now it takes lot of time for the sdk content loader tried solving that referring to

Eclipse hangs at the Android SDK Content Loader

now its fine but every time i open a xml/layout file it shows the 4.4.2 is loading and consumes a lot of time until the layout shows up.

2nd problem i'm facing is that the Api level rendering to show layouts for Api 19 shows special characters instead of text

enter image description here

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Try updating your sdk build tools as well.

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everything is updated – Metalhead1247 Mar 6 '14 at 10:08
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Finally Google fixed these issues in the latest update ADT 22.6.2

ADT 22.6.2 (26 March 2014)

General Notes:

    Fixed a problem where Eclipse was non-responsive for a few seconds after opening an XML file. (Issue 67084)
    Fixed a problem where the SDK Manager threw a NullPointerException after removing a virtual device that was created using the Android Wear system image. (Issue 67588)
    Fixed a problem where the layout preview for large screens in Eclipse showed the resources from the drawable-* directories instead of those from the drawable-large-* directories.
    Fixed a problem with Nexus 5 Android virtual devices created from the command line where the SD card file system was read-only.
    Changed the URL for the Android Developer Tools Update Site from HTTP to HTTPS.
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