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I have followed the following link so that my application can support different screen sizes:

Supporting multiple screens in android

That solution works perfectly. But my concern here is, when I have an android application having 8-9 screens, then it means that I will have 8-9 different .xml layout files. Now to support all screens by folder bifurcation , it means I have manage almost above fifty xml files for layouts and for a simple change in UI, I have to go to all the folders and implement that change in xml file. So can there be a better way , I mean such a layout that can just resize the controls by itself or something like that?

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I think this is not too complex. Create all layouts in layout folder. Use styles.xml, dimens.xml and strings.xml to save font size and strings. When your layout finalize i.e no changes required, then copy all these layouts from layout folder and paste in layout-small, layout-large, layout-xlarge. So when you need to change strings, style and font size you have to make changes in only values folders.

For example-

Instead of android:text="Hello" use android:text="string/hello" and save value of hello in strings.xml. Similarly for text size android:textSize="@dimen/btxt".

This is one of the best alternative.

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Basically what I want is, that I dont want to have multiple layout files of a single screen. I want to have something like I write my layout.xml file and in that file, I used such a layout that will adjust my UI components according to the screen size. Just like we have Bag layout in java swing applications. –  Muhammad Salman Farooq Mar 6 at 10:26
I know what you required you have to do calculation based on screen sizes. Then change your layout components according to that. But I dont know by using that way you have nice look of your layout on every screen. –  Kanwaljit Singh Mar 6 at 10:29
check in this link some answers based on calculations. Hope it helps you. stackoverflow.com/questions/21274692/font-size-of-text –  Kanwaljit Singh Mar 6 at 10:33

Take a look at this question: LINK

You could then make a single XML file containing the common things in all XML layouts and then for each layout just include or merge the required common XML part, this way you only have to edit the common XML file once and all the other layouts will then include the new changes.

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