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Its a typical question,and its hard for me to write it here.So giving basing idea... I am trying to achieve this:-

{"appConfiguration" : {

                "configuration_name" = "AS400 Configuration",
                    "configuration_version" = "1.001",
                        " connection" : [                                   {
    "ip_address" : [   “”,
                                    // all saved IP Address.
                                             "port" : "23"
                                             "ssl" : "NO",
                                             "device_name" : "Agicent Device",
                                             "name" : "Puga",
                                             "user" : "smart gladiator",
                                             "password" : "sgl2013",
                                             "barcode_enter" : "NO",]}}

This is what my Json should look like,What I am doing is that I have to convert form data to Json format.Its now going pretty hard for me and dont know what should I do.I am able to store data in single dimension array,like for same name,it will make an array inside array.but what if I want to get something like this...


This is multidimensional,how am I supposed to get this

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To get for example ip_address you can do this:

$array = json_decode($jsonstring);

echo $array['connection']['ip_address']['something'];

This will decode your json string into an multidimensional array and than you can simply echo it.

To encode it:

$test = array("appConfiguration" => array("configuration_name"=> "AS400 Configuration", "configuration_version" => "1.001", "connection"=> array("ip_address" => array('', '', ''), "port" => "23",
                                             "ssl" => "NO",
                                             "device_name" => "Agicent Device",
                                             "name" => "Puga",
                                             "user" => "smart gladiator",
                                             "password" => "sgl2013",
                                             "barcode_enter" => "NO")));

To use data you get from a form you can do this:

$array = array('connection'=>array($_POST["ohiuh"],$_POST["ghu"] , array("ip_address"=>array($_POST["ip_adress1"],$_POST["ip_adress2"],$_POST["ip_adress3"])))));
echo json_encode($array);

Write a form with the value you need and than post them. Than create the array with the $_POST["something"] values and encode this array to json with json_encode();

Hope this is now the answer to your question.

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Well thats fine but I need to encode it,not decode it.Thats the issue –  Abhi Mar 6 at 10:35
@Abhi corrected my answer hope it's now the solution –  Pgr456 Mar 6 at 12:05

Try with this

$arr = array('connection'=>array("ohiuh","ghu" , json_encode(array("ip_address"=>array("something","something","something")))));
echo json_encode($arr);
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This is not working Santosh,as the value is to be fetched from textbox.So what exactly I need to give in name??? –  Abhi Mar 6 at 10:37
you just need to use appropriate variables there based on get or post (type of sending data to server) –  Santosh Pradhan Mar 6 at 12:14

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