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My goal is to create a simple (one file) executable for windows environment that will open a pretty simple form. The form will read data from excel files and after the user fills out the form and submit it - the application will write the data to a different excel file.

This will be used by different users in a shared drive. I have programming experience with C/C++/C#/.Net/Python and other languages but never really created a windows program.

Any ideas where should i start? (a relevant tutorial would be greatly appreciated)


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IMHO, vb.net provides the simplest way of manipulating Excel.Application –  Bathsheba Mar 6 '14 at 10:17

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To read and edit Excel files look into the Microsoft Office Interop libraries: class library documentation is available here. Regarding tutorials, the best approach would be to search the web and see what you can find. A couple I found are:

Good luck! :)

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OK. There are multiple ways.

You can make use of a RichTextBox and write it down to a excel file using Stream or even static methods that come with File class (only if you are dealing with lesser data and not worry much about performance).

If you are supposed to take care of formatting as well, take a look at Interop.

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