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For some hours i'm trying to add the openDeclaration function to my own Eclipse plugin editor. Until now I didin't really understand how the f3 functionallity is working. I read something about Hyperlinking, openAction, compilationUnit.findDeclaringNode() but i cannot but the peaces together and understand how they work.

Until now i think this works like this: While parsing the code, the tokens which are read will be added to the ast. The hierachy level is IJavaProject/IPackageFragmentRoot/IPackageFragment/ICompilationUnit/{IType / IField / IMethod} With jdt it is possible to work with this ast. Each Java file is represented with a compilation unit. If i press f3 a ActionHandler is started with takes the IjavaElement which i hover in this moment.

Rigth now i have the IJavaElement in my Editor PlugIn but i don't know how to jump to the corressponding type/method with the declaration in the compilation unit. And i don't know what will happen if the declaring node is not in the same complilation unit. For example if it's a basic type like string or date.

Maybe everything is more clear, if I could follow the way how the default java editor is doing that. But i don't know how i can do that. Can someone help to get the peaces together or to show me how i can debugg the functionallity.

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You can read the source of org.eclipse.jdt.ui.actions.OpenAction which implements Open Declaration. –  greg-449 Mar 6 at 10:26
Thank you, it helped me to get further. Do you know any sources/litertur where i can read more abot everything is working together? –  Hans Werner Mar 10 at 8:25

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