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i am not able to loggin in geny motion credential. Can any one help me in finding a way to login in genymotion credential so that i can download virtual devices. Or any one provide me free credentials so that i can try it here on my own machine.

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Can you explain what's happening in detail? –  eyal-lezmy Mar 6 '14 at 22:15
I am having a similar problem. I just registered, downloaded genymotion, and ran it. When I try to set up a new device, it asks me for username password, but does not accept my (double-checked) correct credentials. Saying "wrong username or password". (Ubuntu 14.04 64bit) –  weemattisnot Dec 26 '14 at 1:18

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Just click the Genymotion settings and uncheck http proxy and user authentication.The Second reason may be your password is wrong.It worked for me.

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Genymotion doesn't seem to like email addresses as usernames. Try editing your username - I was experiencing the same problem and that has just worked for me.

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I have face same Problem...just go to your email id's inbox and confirm your account after confirmation you are able to log into genymotion.

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