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I written a website using dart and polymer, it runs well in Chromium, but cannot get it compiled to js.

The directory layout is like:

  pubspec.yaml            (Contents below)
    some_code.dart ...    (Used by index.dart, app.dart and custom_elem_x.dart)
    3rd-party codes ...   (CSS, JS lib, etc.)
    index.html            (Traditional HTML, no polymer stuff)
    app.html              (Use lots of custom elements written in polymer)
      index.dart          (Pure dart, nothing fancy, has a main())
      app.dart            (Has a main(), in which initPolymer() get called)
      custom_elem_1.html  (Imported by app.html via \
      custom_elem_1.dart   <link rel="import" href="polymer/custom_elem_1.html">)


name: blah
  browser: any
  polymer: any
- polymer:
    entry_points: web/app.html
- $dart2js:
    minify: true

If I run pub build under my_proj/, there is no error as far as I can tell, (lots of warnings, though). But the index.html is static (just contents, no actions), and the custom element in app.html is not rendering. Any idea what caused this?

I am using dart-sdk 1.2.1 (pub --version) on Debian 7 32bit.



Managed to fix it by deleting all packages/ in project dir, and running pub get again. custom_element, shadow_dom, html5lib get updated to 0.9.2, seems these updates got it fixed, because I put get several times before, and nothing worked.

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What code do you have in index.dart? When you open development console in the browser, do you get any messages (files that could not be loaded, ...)? –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 6 at 11:14
Insert some Elements to DOM, querySelect to get some value, HttpRequest it to server, that kind of stuff. No out for index.dart in console, Get it fixed by pub get again, see my edit. Thanks. –  Not an ID Mar 6 at 12:04
You should use pub upgrade to get the most recent package versions. pub get is only for initial download or to get the package versions listed in pubspec.lock. –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 6 at 12:25
please check the answer to this question stackoverflow.com/questions/20932180. Code in main should be run from initPolymer().run(() {... }); if it deals with polymer elements. –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 6 at 12:26
Thanks for the initPolymer().run(() {... });, seems very useful. –  Not an ID Mar 6 at 15:04

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