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I want to dynamically enclosed Primefaces component in a <div> tag. Is this possible?

Example using

<p:inputText /> 

will be rendered as:

<input id="j_idt18" ...>

I tried creating a custom component extending PF's InputText and in the renderer I manually enclosed InputText markup like:

protected void encodeMarkup(FacesContext context,
        org.primefaces.component.inputtext.InputText inputText)
        throws IOException {

    ResponseWriter writer = context.getResponseWriter();
    String clientId = div.getClientId(context);
    writer.startElement("div", div);

    super.encodeMarkup(context, inputText);


It's working fine however when I do an ajax update on the InputText component, the div is rerendered and recreated again. How do I prevent the div from being rerendered in the markup?

I can't use composite component only custom component.


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Wrap your input in <h:panelGroup layout="block">:

<h:panelGroup layout="block">
    <p:inputText />
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