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I've got three web sites each with its own domain going to my one Windows Server 2008 IIS 7.0 web server.


The site bindings for each:

IIS 7.0 Site Bindings

IIS 7.0 Site Bindings

IIS 7.0 Site Bindings

When I navigate to, then I see my example1 web site.

When I navigate to, then I see my example2 web site.

But, when I navigate to, I see my example1 web site--not the example3 web site I expect.

What's going on? Why might work, but fail?

Issue resolved!

I removed and then recreated the web site within IIS and it's now working.

I didn't change anything. It either originally had a simple typo or the act of recreating it just happened to fix a hiccup within IIS.

It's stopped working again after I setup additional redirects within IIS forcing web sites to use sub domains: redirects to

I've again removed and then recreated the web sites; I've reset IIS; I've rebooted the server. It's still not working correctly.

I've figured it out. It's not an IIS issue. It's a DNS issue.

The traffic is for some reason directed to a web server at a different company. THEY serve up a page with only an HTML frame on it. That frame loads a page with the address That's what I need to handle on MY web server.

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I would validate that you have pointing to the proper location on disk. Also ensure that it is not stopped.

The fallback to example1 is due to the binding entry with no header value.

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I've changed the web site "with no header value" to simply redirect to, but visiting or loads the example1 web site without doing the redirect! It keeps in the address bar. – Zack Peterson Oct 21 '08 at 19:28
That would lead me to believe that the root path for the website is incorrect, as with the domain name staying the same, it shows that it is getting the header value. – Mitchel Sellers Oct 21 '08 at 19:58
The Physical Path is set to C:\inetpub\example3 a real folder with a default.html file there. And, "default.html" is a Default Document for that Site. – Zack Peterson Oct 21 '08 at 20:05

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