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I’m using Cakephp 2.4.1. I’m baking cake models having table name roles but I got following Error on console

Creating file C:\wamp\www\projectnexus\app\Model\Role.php

Error: The datasource configuration "493" was not found in database.php

it comes after

Look okay? (y/n)
[y] >
array(0) {
Notice Error: Undefined offset: 0 in [C:\wamp\www\projectnexus\lib\Cake\Console\Com
mand\Task\TemplateTask.php, line 79]

Previously, I’ve baked many models, this time I don’t know what happen. I tried to bake already baked models for verification, it is giving me same error. My connection is okay because rest of my application is running smoothly.

Please help

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do you have something else before this error ? –  Moyed Ansari Mar 6 at 12:57
see my question, I've updated it –  design Mar 6 at 13:01

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