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I am trying to print a receipt with a zebra QLn320 printer. I am sending whitespace so that the ":" characters appear aligned in the ticket:

           CRA : jab \&
   Contrato No : \&
     Domicilio : RAMBLA DEL POBLENOU \&

However, the printer is striping the leading whitespaces and the printed result is:

CRA : jab
Contrato No :

So, how can I add "indent" the without having to set a ^FO for each line?

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           CRA : jab 
   Contrato No : 
     Domicilio : RAMBLA DEL POBLENOU 

I don't have a printer available at present, so I haven't tested this.

I believe that it's the ^FB that's causing your problem - especially the L option that's Left-justifying your data.

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Is there a reason you do not want to separate this into multiple lines? When printing receipts I have found it useful to treat each line as a complete format.

^XA^LL30^POI^FO10,20^ADN,10,8^CI10^FD           CRA : jab^FS^XZ
^XA^LL30^POI^FO10,20^ADN,10,8^CI10^FD   Contrato No :^FS^XZ
^XA^LL30^POI^FO10,20^ADN,10,8^CI10^FD     Domicilio : RAMBLA DEL POBLENOU^FS^XZ

I too did not print this out so the LL and FO will likely need to be adjusted. You may also want to put the printer in rewind mode. ^MMR this stops the printer from moving the media after printing. Then you just print a blank line or two at the end of the receipt to get it where you want.

I like doing receipts this way so I do not need to compute the length of the receipt beforehand.

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