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I can't get IE to print my canvas (generated using excanvas)... I'm using the most recent version of excanvas.


(Note: I already tried having the canvas element already on the page instead of creating it with document.createElement)

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found not working old 'fix' at asual.com/blog/?tq=charts –  jonny Nov 16 '10 at 8:21
my specific problem is printing morrisonpitt.com/jsPlumb/html/jquery/chartDemo.html in IE8 –  jonny Nov 16 '10 at 8:47

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Unfortunately, there is no good answer here. There has been a ticket open for well over a year regarding the printing of excanvas that has yet to be answered. You could try the silverlight version of excanvas it's a little better but still suffers from similar problems.

The only way to get it printed properly now would be doing a print screen and then printing the image. Unless an newer version of excanvas comes out or IE9 is released, native printing on IE just isn't going to work.

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my best shot currently is printing pre-rendered image

(see wkhtmltoimage on google code)

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