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We have page like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <div id="abc"></div>

I want to insert script in div and run it. So im doing something like this:


Good, script is inside that div, but how can i run it now?

I propably didn't make it clear: I have an external script that i need to put in specified place on the page. I don't have access to the website, so i can't put it on the page code. I want to do this, becouse this script makes new objects on the place where it is putted. I don't have access to that script. I just have link (not direct) to it.

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Why do you want the script element in the div? What are you trying to accomplish? Your example js code can be replaced by just alert('sup'); for the same result. –  Wesley Murch Mar 6 at 13:36
Becouse its adding stuff on the page in the place where it is putted. I want to run external js. –  user3379351 Mar 6 at 13:38
thats because there is no info on when it should be called. When do you want the script to be executed? –  A J Mar 6 at 13:56

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Make it a function. Use <script>function myAlert(){alert('sup');}</script> instead. You can then call it with myAlert();.

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Take it a step further: function myAlert2(){ return myAlert(); } –  Wesley Murch Mar 6 at 13:39

Please use createElement for that

var div = document.getElementById('abc');
var script = document.createElement('script');
var code = document.createTextNode('alert("sup");');

To put a script in a div is only useful for document.write And please don't do that. :-)

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I dont want to run alert window. I just used it as example. I need to insert that script code first at the specified place, and after that run inserted script. It is adding stuff in the place where it is putted. –  user3379351 Mar 6 at 13:46
Replace alert with everything you want. –  alexP Mar 6 at 13:47
He wants to alert('sup')not alert("Hello") :P @alexP –  l2aelba Mar 6 at 13:51
Ah, ok. I understand. That's complicated :-) @l2aelba –  alexP Mar 6 at 13:52

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