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I have a unit test like this:

namespace My\WebBundle\Tests\Controller;

use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Test\WebTestCase;
use My\WebBundle\Controller\SynMCController;
use My\WebBundle\Entity\Users;

class MyControllerTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
public function testFunction()
        $user1 = new Users();

But when I try to test it with PHP Unit, I get this error:

Class 'My\WebBundle\Entity\Users;' not found in ...\MyControllerTest.php on line 13

Line 13 is:

$user1 = new Users();

¿What is the problem to use a Entity in my Test Case? Of course my entity Users is in this path, I have used this path in lots of classes.


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Are you sure your entity is not called User instead of Users? –  Touki Mar 6 at 13:50
Thanks, but yes, is users with "s". –  user2794692 Mar 6 at 13:57

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Make sure your phpunit.xml file is well defined, especially the bootstrap attribute. It should point to the app/bootstrap.php.cache file which is in charge of using the right autoloader

require_once __DIR__.'/autoload.php';
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Thanks, but other test are working fine, but is in this test where I used my entity users, and really the phpunit charge well the test because read the code and if I remove this entity works fine (but obvisuly I need this entity to test this case) –  user2794692 Mar 6 at 13:59

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