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I'm currently implementing password hashing using scrypt. I have already found a nice scrypt implementation on GitHub. To my surprise I have also discovered a scrypt implementation in the Bouncy Castle library. The class is not documented, Wikipedia didn't mention Bouncy Castle as scrypt implementation provider and I had real trouble finding any code examples of someone using Bouncy Castles scrypt, so this looks somehow suspicious to me.

On the other hand if I had to choose between a GitHubs crypto implementation and Bouncy Castle, I would prefer Bouncy Castle.

So is the Bouncy Castles scrypt the 'real thing'? And can I use Bouncy Castles scrypt over the JCA provider API (or do I need to call it directly like here: AES-256 encryption workflow in scala with bouncy castle: salt and IV usage and transfer/storage)?

EDIT: Best answer I could get by now: https://www.bouncycastle.org/devmailarchive/msg13653.html

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