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I have uploaded an object to S3 from Javascript with private ACL, which also appears in the policy document signature generated by the my server.

 options.params = {
    "key": "uploads/" + fileName,
    "AWSAccessKeyId": data.AWSAccessKey,
    'success_action_status': '201',

    "acl": "private",
    "policy": data.Policy, // from the server
    "signature": data.Signature // from the server

The problem is that I can't access this object on the server even with IAM user that have full S3 permissions. Changing the ACL to public-read prevents the file to be uploaded to S3,

Is there an option to get access to an object that was uploaded with private ACL?


When I give full permissions (admin rights) I can access the object. It seems that full S3 permissions is not enough. What type of permission do I need to access the private ACL based object?

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