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We have developed a worklight application using worklight 6.1 and we have kept minimum dojo files required in it.

In adnroid devices, It is showing a black screen for a long time after the splash screen is shown.

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does the app ever get past the black screen? Are there any errors in LogCat? –  David Dhuyveter Mar 6 at 16:29
Is it only on the very first installation of the app, or any subsequent launches as well? –  Idan Adar Mar 6 at 16:37
yes, After 2min I'm getting app screen. Interestingly, this black screen disappears in 1 or 2 seconds in nexus devices. I can see Started copying files to local storage... in logcat console –  Vinay Mar 6 at 16:41
@IdanAdar, Yes, It is happening only for the first launch of app –  Vinay Mar 6 at 16:42

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Please wait for Worklight to be released in early March (soon), which will include improvements in the area of application launch time, specifically this should enhance significantly the application first startup time.

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Don't we have any other option. Because user are being confused that the app got crashed or some error occurred. –  Vinay Mar 6 at 16:49
You can open a PMR to receive an iFix, but by the time that will happen the release will likely take place... –  Idan Adar Mar 6 at 16:50
Can you please tell me how to open a PMR? and Cleint is also saying he did not face this issue with other worklight apps. How is it possible? –  Vinay Mar 6 at 16:52
If you are an IBM customer you should probably have an IBM contact person, they - or you - can open a support call... –  Idan Adar Mar 6 at 16:53
Ask your managers. –  Idan Adar Mar 6 at 16:54

Thanks Idan Adar for letting me know. The Worklight fix( is rolled out and the blackscreen issue in android apps is resolved now with the new fixpack.

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So why write this as a new answer instead of marking the existing one? –  Idan Adar Mar 26 at 19:34
I marked yours as the answer :-) –  Vinay Mar 26 at 21:11

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