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I want to write many raster files using a for loop.

path <- "D:/FolderA/FolderB/FolderC/FolderD/"
files1 <- c("FolderE1/raster.tif", 
files2 <- c("FolderF1/raster.tif",

for (i in 1:length(files1)) {
  raster1 <- raster(paste(path, files1[i], sep = ""), band = 1)

  raster2 <- raster(paste(path, files2[i], sep = ""), band = 1)

  mosaicraster <- mosaic(raster1, raster2, fun = mean)
  NAvalue(mosaicraster) <- 0
  outputfile <- paste(path, "mosaics/", files1[i], sep = "")
  writeRaster(mosaikraster, outputfile , type = "GeoTIFF", datatype = "INT1U", overwrite = TRUE)

  print(c(i, "of", length(files1)))

How do I create for each file a new folder within "D:/FolderA/FolderB/FolderC/FolderD/mosaics/" which includes FolderE1/, E2/... etc. plus the filename, e.g. mosaic.tif ?

outputfile <- paste(path, "mosaics/", files1[i], sep = "")

Does not give a satisfying result.

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The language I'm using is R –  loki Mar 6 at 16:28
I don't follow all the details of what you want, but I am pretty sure if you want to create a directory dir.create() is your friend. –  Seth Mar 6 at 16:35
But how to include it in the code to generate directories automatically? Do you have an idea? –  loki Mar 6 at 16:43
Just for clarification: You want to create a folder in "mosaics/" that is called "raster.tif" (e.g. files1[1]). OR do you like to create the folder "mosaic/" that contains the files with the films you set in files1? –  user2035177 Mar 6 at 16:43
the latter. I want to create a folder for each mosaics/FolderE1/ mosaics/FolderE2/ (etc.) which then contain the raster.tif-mosaics calculated in the for loop. –  loki Mar 6 at 16:48

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Just to demonstrate one method of making folders within a loop: If you have the directories in an object just looping over the elements of that object.

folders1 <- c("FolderE1", 

for(i in folders1)
  dir.create(i)              #creates a dir named after the ith element of folders1
  setwd(i)                   #goes into that directory
  tiff('raster.tif')         #plots your picture
  setwd('../')               #goes out to the original folder 

Just a warning: this is all a bit dangerous because mistakes can make a big mess.

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