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Is Terracota ehcache scaling across various nodes open source or is it a commercial product? Apparently, it did not require a commercial licence earlier but it does now.

From http://ehcache.org/ - "For applications requiring a coherent distributed cache as well as in-memory performance, use Terracotta BigMemory Max which is available in both extended trial and full versions. (Terracotta no longer actively updates the open-source version of Terracotta Server Array, also known as Terracotta.)"

Can someone throw some light on it? I find confusing information on the web.

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The open source Terracotta is defunct. The team behind it is also gone. But EHCache itself is open source.

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Do you have any reference for that? –  a_horse_with_no_name Mar 20 at 11:31
Nope, I've just spoken with a number of people who used to work on it .. –  cpurdy Mar 25 at 9:49

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