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I have to run a query(Oracle) that select all employee records with Deptment_ID=NBS and also brings his/her manager's name from another record, each department has many units and each has a manager(in every record there are two columns repTo and J_NBR. The manager name comes from REPTO= J_NBR ) example:

First   Last ... Dept_ID   REPTO   J_NBR
MIke    SAB       NBS           400          200 ...

Sarah   Wood   NBs           600          400

Chris  JONSON   NBS        800          600 ...

Here Mike's manager is SaraH Mike's REPTO= Sarah' J_NBR

The Select query results would be(there is not a column name as manager in database):

First   Last ...   Deptment_ID   REPTO   J_NBR   Manager

MIke    SAB ...   NBS               400          200      Sarah

Sarah Wood   NBs                 600          400       Chris ..

How would be the SQL.

Thank, MK

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Should be a simple self-join SELECT * FROM employee emp JOIN employee mgr ON emp.REPTO = mgr.J_NBR –  dnoeth Mar 6 '14 at 17:48
What did you try so far? You need to join the employee table with itself –  Jasti Mar 6 '14 at 17:49
I used SELECT * FROM employee emp LEFT JOIN employee mgr ON emp.REPTO = mgr.J_NBR where mgr.depid='MN' and mgr.depid='MN' but i can not get the head of department name because he has another REPTO number which would be a director has another depid. How can get the head of department name? –  user3273391 Mar 8 '14 at 18:22

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