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I have a program that uses a file called user.cfg to get its user defined configuration settings. The odd thing is that they chose the syntax for this file to be Tcl (it's not odd that it is Tcl, it's odd they chose the .cfg extension instead of .tcl). So, when I open this file in Sublime Text, it doesn't know what syntax highlighting scheme to choose.

What I would like to do is set the syntax highlighting for user.cfg to Tcl, but not all .cfg files to Tcl.

I have seen this question which is very similar to mine, except in that case the special file name had no extension so Sublime Text knew to assign Ruby highlighting to only that one file. Unfortunately, I have an extension so the solution given there will not work for me.

Is there any known way to get Sublime Text base a highlighting scheme on the full filename?

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Take a look at the ApplySyntax plugin.

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Worked great! Although it took forever to figure out that I had set the Tcl name to "TCL/Tcl", not "TCL/TCL" or "Tcl/Tcl". – SethMMorton Mar 6 '14 at 21:04

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