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I have a textfield object that I marked not be mapped to using XmlTransient.
When I create the textfield object and pass a string into it. The textfield thinks the string is null. My question is does the string I am passing into the textfield get mapped first or does it happen after my transient object?

public class INDEX {   
    public TextField contenttext = new TextField(getContent());
    private String content;    
    private Map<QName,String> attributes = new HashMap<QName,String>();    

    public String getContent() {    
        return content;    
    public void setContent(String content) {    
        this.content = content;    

    public Map<QName,String> getAttributes() {    
        return attributes;    
    public void setAttributes(Map<QName,String> attributes) {    
        this.attributes = attributes;    
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Your contenttext field is going to be populated with an instance of TextField as soon as the class it belongs to (INDEX) is instantiated. At this point the content property is null. Then once the class has been instantiated JAXB will populate the values of the mapped fields and properties from the unmarshal operation.

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