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Hey all, I have a form that I type a message in, then I click submit and it sends to all the users that are signed up for a messaging service. What I am trying to do is make it so that every day this form submits on its own without me having to press a button. I have been told that in linux you can create a script in cron, but my server is not running on linux, and I dont have access to my root directory. Thanks guys!

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Are you using Windows? If so, you can schedule jobs using the Scheduler. You can set it up to call your php script at a certain time every day. Here's more info.

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You can schedule a task on Windows, or you might even be interested in CRONw - CRON for Windows.

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You can use a online cron service, which is basically a computer on the internet will connect to your site once a day and click the submit button for you. Here a list of some of these services

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