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I am looking for a client-side wrapper for the http module from node.js using XmlHTTPRequest v2. This is for using the clientside tool to be able to export to client side a node.js project. I tried talking to my best friend google, but he is mean to me today.

Hope you can help.

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Have you attempted to use the http-browserify module? It is "The http module from node.js, but for browsers." Sounds like what you are looking for? – darelf Mar 6 '14 at 19:48
@darelf If i borwserify the 200 lines that i have in the node.js file it turns the code in a 3000 lines of code that even Eclipse warns me at every line for missing commas and brackets. That's why i wanted a shim for clientside tool. Any other ideas to have just a small wrapper with the same interface as the http module ? – helly0d Mar 6 '14 at 20:14

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