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I would like to get all distinct years from a MySQL date field with the Hibernate Criteria API. This is the query that I want to translate to criteria:

sess.createQuery("SELECT DISTINCT year(o.date) FROM Observation");

I've tried :

Criteria crit = sess.createCriteria(Observation.class)

But it returns an error

ERROR - could not resolve property: year(date) of: ca.ogsl.biodiversity.hibernate.Observation

Does any body knows if it's possible and how?

Thanks a lot!!!


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Try using an sql projection, so you can use any SQL expression:

criteria.setProjection(Projections.sqlProjection( "yeard(DATE_COLUMN_NAME) as year", new String[] {"year"}, new Type[] {StandardBasicTypes.INTEGER} ));  
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Good it works, I also want to count the number of occurences so I did replace the sqlProjection by sqlGroupProjection : Projections.sqlGroupProjection("year(DATE_COLUMN) as y", "y", new String[]{"y"}, new Type[] {StandardBasicTypes.INTEGER})) And it works perfectly! Many thanks! –  rattek Mar 14 at 20:22

Use the DISTINCT keyword to query for distinct years, rather than getting all years and trying to filter them in Java code.

SELECT DISTINCT year(o.date) FROM Observation;
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Oups... code cropping error... first post edited. Thanks for the warning... Now I would like to get the same result by using Criteria. Any idea? –  rattek Mar 6 at 20:58

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