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I am trying to use the Google maps sdk for iOS. I am using the sdk v 1.7 with iOS 7. I have gone through the getting started steps many times, have an api key for my bundle id and have enabled the ios maps sdk and other maps related items in the Google api console.

Sometimes I have the sdk working but when I rebuild it spontaneously doesn't load tiles any more. It doesn't crash though, the view gets loaded with the yellow background and the Google logo at the bottom left.

In the Xcode console there is the following output:

ClientParametersRequest failed, 3 attempts remaining (0 vs 5). (null)
ClientParametersRequest failed, 2 attempts remaining (0 vs 5). (null)
ClientParametersRequest failed, 1 attempts remaining (0 vs 5). (null)
ClientParametersRequest failed, 0 attempts remaining (0 vs 5). (null)

This seems to happen randomly both in the simulator and with real device. I have checked that the api key I provide in the app delegate using

[GMSServices provideAPIKey:@"API_KEY"];

corresponds to what gets printed by

NSLog(@"Bundle id %@", [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier]);

I have enabled the ios map sdk on the api console. The thing the sdk works, and then it stops working even though I don't change the bundle id nor the api key.

When I reproduce the getting started app it works well, but when I start adding some code it stops working. And then if I reduce the Appdelegate to the getting started app it doesn't work. I have tried cleaning clean build folder, resetting ios similator, restarting both my mac and my iphone. I have been through the related post but did not find any solution to this. I have seen other similar errors but none that ends with (null).

Thanks in advance !

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Recently faced same issue. Check your target's "code signing identity" setting. –  0xDE4E15B Apr 14 '14 at 13:52
if there is something wrong with code signing identity, the api's wont work at all.. –  Siddharth Jun 28 '14 at 7:28

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